Is it ok to split a darvocet in half

25. října 2011 v 18:08

Hensue. .. I share your worry. I have CFS. I have taken between a fourth and a half of Darvocet for my aching for decades. It and Xanax are the only two drugs I can .
I have a pain problem due to herniated discs, and have been using vicodin Es 4- 5 times a day. A friend of mine just gave me a 15mg oxycodone to try, should I take .
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im getting very sick and my back is killing me, please someone who knows what there talking about answer this question
And not once them talking with no one and have no the Offertory and during the Prayer Erowid piroxicam Consecration. I truly couldn8217t believe any other medically .
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Best Is it ok to split a darvocet in half Answer: Darvocet isnt as strong as percocet or vicodin. .I know because I have taken them all for a severe back ache. Just take a little milk or a snack with .
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[Archive] Darvocet Question Pain Management . I have

Is it ok to split a darvocet in half

arthritis in my left shoulder and take Bextra, which works pretty good most of the time.
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As I was pulling
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